EUROTECH SA, with more than thirty years of experience, provides the following services:

  • Instrument installation
  • Geotechnical monitoring of technical works, measurement implementation and evaluation
  • Design and implementation of geotechnical monitoring systems in public works
  • Design and implementation of seismic monitoring systems
  • Structural Health Monitoring (SHM)
  • Blast and vibrations studies implementation, blasting measurement implementation and evaluation
  • Environmental measurement implementation and evaluation, regarding parameters, such as noise, vibrations and airborne particulate matter
  • After-sales service

Measurement and monitoring is carried out by the company’s own equipment.

After-sales service

EUROTECH SA provides its customers with after-sales service, which includes:

  • Instrument or equipment installation
  • Instrument or equipment demonstration
  • Personnel training
  • Damage repair either on site, at the company’s main offices or at the supplier’s/manufacturer’s facilities, according to the damage evaluation carried out by our trained personnel
  • Instrument or equipment maintenance and calibration
  • Spare parts supply