Well pumps & skimmers by Dimaco SAS

Published on 2020-11-09 in category: Special construction & industrial equipment

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We are happy to introduce our new supplier in well pumps and skimmers, Dimaco SAS, Italy. Contact us for more information!

Sisgeo new product catalogue

Published on 2019-06-19 in category: Measuring & in-situ instrumentation


New product material for 2015 is now available by Sisgeo Srl! Stay on course with the company's full instrument range. You can:


Published on 2018-09-26 in category: Measuring & in-situ instrumentation


Our long-term partner, Sisgeo Srl, has announced the acquisition of HUGGENBERGER AG, a Swiss company with more than 100 years experience in high-precision, physical measuring equipment, an actual world leader in tele-pendulum installations in dams all over the world.

GeoSwitch Seismic switch

Published on 2017-11-20 in category: Special construction & industrial equipment

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Featuring three independent seismic relays, GeoSwitch seismic switch by GeoSIG Ltd is used to detect strong earthquake or structural vibration with various safe shut down options. It is widely used in industrial & chemical plants, gas terminals & distributing systems, electronic gates, as well as in all shorts of elevators in highrise residents or other buildings.

The GeoSwitch seismic switch offers maximum security for elevator users in case of an earthquake, as it efficiently minimizes the evacuation time, as well as the risk of getting trapped within two floors.

Download the GeoSwitch datasheet or contact us for more information.

Testconsult renamed James Fisher Testing Services (JFTS)

Published on 2017-06-05 in category: Measuring & in-situ instrumentation


In 2016, our supplier of in-situ, non-destructive testing equipment, Testconsult Ltd, merged with its sister company Strainstall, with the new trading name James Fisher Testing Services (JFTS), bringing together existing expertise in the areas of foundation and materials testing, along with the structural monitoring capabilities.


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