ela - the new GMS based accelerograph by GeoSIG

Published on 2023-08-25 in category: Measuring & in-situ instrumentation


ela is a compact and robust accelerograph by GeoSIG that utilizes the GMS series technology, now counting more than 10 years of reliability and high performance.

It is an ideal and most affordable solution for Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) both for indoor and outdoor applications. ela features an internal triaxial MEMS sensor and >80dB dynamic range. It also has options for Power over Ethernet (Poe) and WiFi connectivity. For detailed specifications you can download the technical datasheet

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Well pumps & skimmers by Dimaco SAS

Published on 2020-11-09 in category: Special construction & industrial equipment

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We are happy to introduce our new supplier in well pumps and skimmers, Dimaco SAS, Italy. Contact us for more information!

Maintenance of the seismic equipment in Aktio-Preveza immersed tunnel

Published on 2020-09-18 in category: Case studies - Seismic monitoring

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Project: Maintenance of the seismic equipment in Aktio-Preveza immersed tunnel
Client: AKTOR SA
Project location & date: Aktio-Preveza immersed tunnel, annually

Our company has undertaken the annual check and maintenance of the seismic equipment used for the Structural Health Monitoring of the Aktio-Preveza immersed tunnel, which was installed in 2008. The seismic system comprises of triaxial force balance accelerometers, LVDTs, temperature/humidity sensors, as well as recording units, industrial computer and GeoDAS software, manufactured by GeoSIG Ltd, Switzerland.

The nesseccary maintenance is carried out by our experienced and trained personnel and includes:

  • Check of the sensors, datalogger and computer
  • Visual inspection of the installed accelerometers, LVDTs and hydrometers
  • Check of the LVDTs response
  • Check of the datalogger configuration

It goes without saying the proper and long-term function of the seismic equipment can only be achieved by the proper and frequent maintenance by trained and specialized personnel.

Seismic & geotechnical monitoring of 3rd LNG Tank in Revithoussa

Published on 2020-06-22 in category: Case studies - Seismic monitoring

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Project: Supply & installation of seismic & geotechnical monitoring instrumentation for the 3rd LNG Tank in Revithoussa island
Client: J&P AVAX SA
Project location & date: Revithoussa isl., 2017-2018

In summer 2017, 20 years after supplying the instruments for the first two tanks, our company was assigned the supply & installation of the monitoring system for the 3rd LNG Tank in Revithoussa island. The equipment supplied included seismic and geotechnical instruments, along with their dataloggers and software, as well as a Database for the data presentation. The project special specifications indicated that all permanently installed sensors (accelerometers, tiltmeters) should be placed inside anti-explosive ATEX certified enclosures.

The monitoring system includes the following equipment, manufactured by Sisgeo Srl, Italy and GeoSIG Ltd, Switzerland:

Our specialized personnel and partners carried out the system installation, commissioning and personnel training.

Sisgeo new product catalogue

Published on 2019-06-19 in category: Measuring & in-situ instrumentation


New product material for 2015 is now available by Sisgeo Srl! Stay on course with the company's full instrument range. You can:


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