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High pressure build-up & blockage clearing systems



The CARDOX system is used in clearance and removal of build-up and blockages in kilns and silos.

The working principle of the CARDOX system is based on the instant conversion of liquid carbon dioxide to gas. The liquid is contained in steel, reusable tubes, which are drilled into the material to be removed.

The use of the CARDOX system is absolutely controlable, whereas:

  • It doesn't cause vibration even in distance of a few meters away
  • It doesn't create cracks beyond the working area
  • It doesn't create excessive material eruption
  • It doesn't cause dangerous gas emission


CARDOX blockage clearing system for the cement industry and for industrial silos

Suppliers: Cardox International Ltd

SiloWhip cleaning system



The silo cleaning is carried out by means of a suspended (up to 50m) hydraulic 360o-rotary cutter, according to the stored material. It is operated safely from the top and outside of the silo, thus eliminating the need for people entering the silo and increasing safety at work. The system is effective in breaking down buildups from all kind of materials (cement, clinker, agricultural products, lime etc).

Watch videos of SiloWhip in action


SiloWhip System

Suppliers: Cardox International Ltd


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