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High pressure rock/concrete breaking systems



This CARDOX system is used in rock excavation or concrete demolition in locations (terrestrial or underwater) where the use of explosives is not possible or application of machinery (hydraulic hammer) is not recommended.

The working principle of the CARDOX system is based on the instant conversion of liquid carbon dioxide to gas. The liquid is contained in steel, reusable tubes, which are drilled into the material to be broken or demolished.

The use of the CARDOX system is absolutely controlable, whereas:

  • It doesn't cause vibration even in distance of a few meters away
  • It doesn't create cracks beyond the working area
  • It doesn't create excessive material eruption
  • It doesn't cause dangerous gas emission


CARDOX rock/concrete breaking system in civil works, quarrying & mining projects, as well as underwater excavations

Suppliers: Cardox International Ltd


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