New automated Ménard pressuremeter "GeoPAC"

Published on 2012-06-22 in category: Measuring & in-situ instrumentation


The new generation of Ménard pressuremeters is out by SN Apageo. The GeoPAC automated pressumeter, along with the GeoBOX data acquisition system and the GeoVISION-P software, is more easy to operate, reduces the test time and provides even more accurate results.

New generation seismic instrumentation

Published on 2012-05-13 in category: Measuring & in-situ instrumentation


GeoSIG Ltd celebrates its 20th birthday with the release of two new technology products:

  • AC-7x force balance sensors, monoaxial, biaxial or triaxial, with 165dB dynamic range and measuring range between ±0.5 and 4g
  • GMSplus recording units, second generation, 3 or 6 channels, 24Bit resolution, sampling rate up to 1.000SPS and removable memory up to 128GB

Marchetti dilatometer: Full bibliography

Published on 2011-10-31 in category: Measuring & in-situ instrumentation

  • Flat
  • Seismic
  • Parameters
  • Application
  • Drive
  • Elabs
  • Blade
  • Monitor
  • Open
  • Foto
  • Monitor2
  • Community

Visit Prof. Silvano Marchetti's bibliographic website for a complete and thorough approach on Marchetti dilatometer by Studio Prof. Marchetti Srl. You can find all kind af downloadable material, such as flat and seismic dilatometer operation manuals, scientific papers throughout the years, conference participations, presentations, photographic material from various applications etc.

New automated pressumeter "HyperPAC" for high pressure tests

Published on 2011-10-31 in category: Measuring & in-situ instrumentation


SN Apageo introduces the HyperPAC, the new member of the pressumeter family, suitable for very high pressure tests. Based on the original pressuremeter principal by Louis Ménard, it also implements all the auto-controlled features introduced with the GeoPAC. The HyperPAC is available in two pressure ranges, 250 or 500 bars.

RITMO XL in geothermal energy exploitation

Published on 2011-10-20 in category: Special construction & industrial equipment


RITMO XL by Knauf PFT GmbH & Co. K.G can help ensure the efficiency of geothermal energy systems. The high thermal capacity of the filler, which is required in the system borehole-geothermal heat exchanger, can now be achieved by mixing-pumping machine RITMO XL. Dry material feed, continuous mixing and automatic pumping of the filling material into the borehole are some of the process characteristics.


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