ela - the new GMS based accelerograph by GeoSIG

Published on 2023-08-25 in category: Measuring & in-situ instrumentation


ela is a compact and robust accelerograph by GeoSIG that utilizes the GMS series technology, now counting more than 10 years of reliability and high performance.

It is an ideal and most affordable solution for Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) both for indoor and outdoor applications. ela features an internal triaxial MEMS sensor and >80dB dynamic range. It also has options for Power over Ethernet (Poe) and WiFi connectivity. For detailed specifications you can download the technical datasheet

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Sisgeo new product catalogue

Published on 2019-06-19 in category: Measuring & in-situ instrumentation


New product material for 2015 is now available by Sisgeo Srl! Stay on course with the company's full instrument range. You can:


Published on 2018-09-26 in category: Measuring & in-situ instrumentation


Our long-term partner, Sisgeo Srl, has announced the acquisition of HUGGENBERGER AG, a Swiss company with more than 100 years experience in high-precision, physical measuring equipment, an actual world leader in tele-pendulum installations in dams all over the world.

Testconsult renamed James Fisher Testing Services (JFTS)

Published on 2017-06-05 in category: Measuring & in-situ instrumentation


In 2016, our supplier of in-situ, non-destructive testing equipment, Testconsult Ltd, merged with its sister company Strainstall, with the new trading name James Fisher Testing Services (JFTS), bringing together existing expertise in the areas of foundation and materials testing, along with the structural monitoring capabilities.

OMNIAlog Dataloggers

Published on 2015-12-10 in category: Measuring & in-situ instrumentation

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The new, "in-house built", datalogger OMNIAlog by Sisgeo Srl is here to stay! Versatile, cost-effective, OMNIAlog supports both analog and digital sensors, while easily operated through any web browser.

In Greece the numerous so far applications featuring ΟΜΝΙΑlog include projects, such as the Extension to Kalamaria Metro of Thessaloniki, the New Port of Patras, Valsamiotis dam in Crete, the mining facilities in Chalkidiki, the pull-out test equipment of the Geotechnics Laboratory in the National Technical Univeristy of Athens and many more.

Download the OMNIAlog specs datasheet, as well as the ΟΜΝΙAlog data acquisition systems datasheet, or contact us for more information, regarding the supply, installation and operation of these systems.

Seismic Structural Health Monitoring - SHM

Published on 2015-11-03 in category: Measuring & in-situ instrumentation


Learn more on the Structural Health Monitoring by GeoSIG Ltd, an innovative method of monitoring structural safety, integrity and performance in all kinds of structures, as well as, amongst others, the Preveza-Aktio Immersed Tunnel case study.

SCAIME - EUROTECH SA partnership

Published on 2013-05-17 in category: Measuring & in-situ instrumentation


It is with great pleasure that we announce our collaboration with SCAIME, France, in the field of optic monitoring systems. Our product range now includes:

  • Optic sensors (strain gauges, temperature sensors, tilt-meters, displacement sensors)
  • Data acquisition systems for optic sensors

The optic monitoring systems have been widely used over the last years in applications such as structural monitoring, wind farm monitoring, as well as the industry.

As always, both our specialized personnel and the manufacturers' can offer after-sales services, from instrument installation and demonstration to repair and maintenance.

Please contact us for more information.

New automated Ménard pressuremeter "GeoPAC"

Published on 2012-06-22 in category: Measuring & in-situ instrumentation


The new generation of Ménard pressuremeters is out by SN Apageo. The GeoPAC automated pressumeter, along with the GeoBOX data acquisition system and the GeoVISION-P software, is more easy to operate, reduces the test time and provides even more accurate results.

New generation seismic instrumentation

Published on 2012-05-13 in category: Measuring & in-situ instrumentation


GeoSIG Ltd celebrates its 20th birthday with the release of two new technology products:

  • AC-7x force balance sensors, monoaxial, biaxial or triaxial, with 165dB dynamic range and measuring range between ±0.5 and 4g
  • GMSplus recording units, second generation, 3 or 6 channels, 24Bit resolution, sampling rate up to 1.000SPS and removable memory up to 128GB

Marchetti dilatometer: Full bibliography

Published on 2011-10-31 in category: Measuring & in-situ instrumentation

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Visit Prof. Silvano Marchetti's bibliographic website for a complete and thorough approach on Marchetti dilatometer by Studio Prof. Marchetti Srl. You can find all kind af downloadable material, such as flat and seismic dilatometer operation manuals, scientific papers throughout the years, conference participations, presentations, photographic material from various applications etc.